Mick Shmazian Knows: Mineral Prospecting is Important For Everyone

July 13, 2018
Because of the potential volatility of many other markets, the work of mineral prospectors like Mick Shmazian has become increasingly important in keeping the market for many mineral resources as stable as possible. Discovering and maintaining a stead supply of essential minerals keeps the minerals market as stable as possible. Since stable markets mean stable prices, that is a positive development for everyone. Stable markets repel those who will advantage of circumstances to manipulate markets for their own benefit, usually to the detriment of everyone else.

For example, Mick Shmazian knows well that manufacturers who depend on certain mineral resources to make their products depend on a steady supply and a reliable price, which is how companies maintain efficiency and maximize profit. Many others invest in minerals, especially gold, silver and diamonds, as a hedge against economic downturns, but the cost of keeping these minerals on hand can be prohibitive. That is another reason a steady flow of mineral resources into the market is very important.

Mick Shmazian On the Need for Mineral Prospectors

January 18, 2018
Even though Mick Shmazian defies the stereotype of a prospector, in that he doesn’t wear overalls and a pick axe, he is still considered very good at that job, albeit in a more technologically sophisticated way. In fact, almost everyone who has worked with him would agree with that. When Mick or any other mineral resources prospector does their job well, it is a net plus for everyone, from investors to manufacturers and consumers. That is because their job is to save everyone money and makes everything more efficient.

Of course, Mick Shmazian knows the safekeeping of huge stockpiles of mineral resources like gold, silver, coal and oil, among many others, can be very expensive, in and of itself. That is why a steady flow of such minerals into the market is a critical necessity for many investors and others. However, it is just as important to make sure everyone who needs mineral resources to manufacture products has a steady supply of critical minerals available. That makes mineral prospectors like Mick critically important in many industries.